Rules: Healing

Heal Skill:

  • You can’t attempt a Heal check without some sort of appropriate tool or item, whether it’s a healing kit or an improvised bandage made out of some leaves and goblin mucus.
  • If you are improvising, you take a -2 penalty.
  • A healing kit only has enough material for one use. This is enforced by in-game mechanics.
  • To give someone a chance to return to consciousness, the DC is 15, and materials are consumed even if you fail. If this is done promptly, or if you get a natural 20, their death penalty is reduced by one. This allows the player to make a FORT save versus 20 to return to consciousness with a +1 bonus for every two points by which you beat the DC.
  • Even if they didn’t return to consciousness, you have still managed to stabilize their wounds. This won’t make the death penalty go down, but it will prevent it from going up due to neglect.
  • You can give someone who is recovering from injuries long-term treatment to double their rate of HP recovery. You can treat up to six people at once in this way, but it will require one healing kit per person and you cannot treat yourself. This will be more relevant when I implement reduced resting recovery rates.
  • You can treat poison before the poisoned character makes their FORT save. They will be able to use the result of your roll instead of their roll if it is higher.

Magical Healing:

  • Any source of magical healing will stabilize a “dead” character. This won’t reduce the death penalty, but it will prevent it from going up due to neglect.
  • If the healing restores 10 hp or more, the character gets a FORT save versus DC 15 to become conscious again. For death penalties above 1, they will remain at 1 hp unless further healing is applied. If healing is prompt, death penalty will be reduced by 1.
  • If the healing restores 22 hp or more, the character’s death penalty is reduced by 1.
  • Unlike heal checks, multiple attempts at magical healing will give the character multiple saving throws to become conscious.
  • Raise Dead will immediately restore consciousness. If used promptly, it will reduce death penalty by one.
  • Resurrection will immediately restore consciousness and temporary death penalty effects will be reduced in duration to 1 day. Death penalty will be reduced by two.

Rules: Healing

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